We specialize in providing services of top quality hosts and hostesses to support fairs, all kinds of events, photo sessions and fashion shows. Our perfect preparation, experience and extraordinary appearance of our hosts and hostesses guarantees that every event will be something unforgettable.
Thanks to our agency you can gain appreciation of your business customers. Experience gained on various fairs, conferences, or business meetings is the guarantee of top quality of our services.
Providing services for foreign customers is not a problem for us, because all of our hosts and hostesses speak fluent English and other languages as well.
We are proud that our customers use our services repeatedly. It proves their satisfaction.
We always do our best to be as flexible as it is necessary to meet our customer’s needs.
Please feel free to use our services all over Poland as well as abroad.


Relations and partnership

We believe in building strong relations with our business partners, therefore we always do our best to get to know our customers since the very first contact.


Each order is treated individually; we take full responsibility for each stage of cooperation. We are also amenable outside the core working hours. We treat each order with proper care using our knowledge and experience.

The Hostesses – Our Showcase

We are a boutique agency and we always carefully select our hosts and hostesses all over Poland. We care for proper relations with our employees, and always tend to get to know them well.


Our wages are not excessive, and the rake-off is only a small part of them. We believe that it influences the quality and effectiveness of work of our hosts and hostesses.



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